Map. History of Libya conflict

13 December 2017
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Moscow is ready to discuss easing the arms embargo on Libya
Amnesty International says European governments are complicit in grave human rights violations in Libya through their support for authorities there who often work with people smugglers and torture refugees and migrants
Al-Nadouri's approach to US lobbying firms is the second by Dignity Operation commanders to improve their image to US decision makers after the human rights violations and summary executions carried out by their forces in eastern Libya
Agilah Saleh is back in Tobruk - HoR calls for an important session on Tuesday to start working on LPA amendment in accordance with Salame's latest plan for a Unity Gov. Libya
High Elections Commission announces start of elections in Libya
Libya's Higher National Elections Commission will announce the start of voter registration in a press conference at its HQ in Tripoli tomorrow. Libya
Justices say Trump travel ban can take full effect even as legal challenges against it make their way through the courts. The ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen
Tunisia worried about "Subversive elements" in Libya, per sr nat sec adviser Akrout "Libya has become save haven to militants, criminals…"
Mattis on ISIS-Libya:"You saw us push them on their back-foot in JAN, We've done it again a couple of months ago-We're doing it as we speak"
UN envoy and Haftar discussed the peace solution plan in Libya and the elections
Libya- The LNA declared Benghazi captured in July, 5 months later, fighting is still ongoing in small pockets of resistance, mainly in the Sidi Khrebesh area downtown; LNA al-Saiqa armor and improvised SP artillery on technical pounding militants' positions:
France: Protesters rally against sale of refugees as slaves in Libya
U.S. remains committed to Libyan political agreement: State Department
US Department of State: Full readout on Secretary Tillerson's meeting with Libya PM:
And the @WhiteHouse press pool, which had gathered to see @POTUS in Oval Office with Libya prime minister, has just been informed "there is no pool spray."
At the West Wing Portico, Trump just welcomed Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.
At this moment @POTUS is to be meeting Libya prime minister in Oval Office, then lunches in his private dining room with Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mattis, followed by (off-the-record) remarks at the @WhiteHouse Christmas reception.
Tillerson's dismissal of the reports of a WH plan to oust him, came at photo op welcoming Libyan PM Fayez al-Sarraj to the State Dept.
Libya: Rare and interesting video depicting LNA crew action inside tank fighting in Benghazi
On @POTUS schedule today — lunch with Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mattis, following a meeting with the prime minister of Libya.
@statedeptspox: We are pleased to welcome Libya's Prime Minister Faiez Serraj and the Libyan delegation to Washington this week. We look forward to deepening the partnership between the United States and Libya.
Tunisia Defense Minister says that he has received information that both Tunisian and foreign jihadists coming from Libya will try to enter Tunisia to carry out terror attacks
Nigeria, Libya agreed to keep output below 2017 highs: delegate
400,000 to 700,000 African migrants in Libya camps in "inhuman" conditions, African Union says.
Tusk: EU is Africa's biggest partner and closest neighbour. We need to act together. This is especially true in Libya. We will only be effective if people caught up in Libya and elsewhere can return safely to their homes
ISIS leader Baghdadi calls on his followers to gather in southern Libya in order to target neighboring countries to compensate for losses in Syria and Iraq.
Police in Ajdabiya, east Libya, have shaved the heads of a group of young men as a punishment for harassing girls outside schools and the universities.
European-African summit in Abidjan approves formation of special anti-trafficking units
Nigeria's president said on Wednesday the government had started bringing stranded citizens home from Libya after a global outcry over reports that migrants there were being sold into slavery
Emergency meeting on migrant situation in Libya (slavery) yielded results. Some migrants supposed to be evacuated within days or weeks says @EmmanuelMacron. To home countries, EU or other countries