Libya: Unknown gunmen abducted three individuals in Sebha, one of the abductees managed to escape from the car as shown on the photos

Map. History of Libya conflict

19 September 2018
Pro-Khalifa Haftar protesters storm House of Representatives in Tobruk as it prepares to meet today.
Libya- LNA targets MSCD positions in al-Hila, south of Derna, in BM-21 Grad rockets barrage; casualties and extensive damage reported by locals9 month ago
Libya- LNA targets MSCD positions in al-Hila, south of Derna, in BM-21 Grad rockets barrage; casualties and extensive damage reported by locals
Libya: Unknown gunmen abducted three individuals in Sebha, one of the abductees managed to escape from the car as shown on the photos
Libya- LAF flies sortie over Sirte in show of force, as #WeAreReady campaign picking up on pro-LNA social media channels after Haftar's "end of Skhirat Agreement" speech
Libya- Mayor of Misrata, Mohammed Ashtaywi, kidnapped 500 meters outside of Misrata Airport upon return from official visit to Turkey, tortured and executed
Yesterday in Libya: - Hiftar declares UN-mediated political agreement dead, complains of international threats against him and his forces. - Misrata's mayor assassinated, further straining city's already pressured internal dynamics
Libya militia leader Haftar says UN-backed government's mandate expired, signals he may run for president
Hafter: We reject the Libyan army's submission to any non-elected party
Hafter: The Libyan people have not been touched by international institutions any measures to avoid the country's power struggle
Hafter: The Libyan Army General Command has worked to provide initiatives to reach a political solution
All of the Libyan gov't is willing to help improve conditions in detention ctrs, says African Union's Amira El Fadil, just returned from a visit to Libya. "The Libyan government needs our help," she says, to deal with more than 700,000 illegal migrants now there
[email protected] chief William Lacy Swing says "next challenge" will be trying to get access to – and close – detention centers being run by militias in Libya
We don't only want to save lives, we want them to have lives worth living, says @FedericaMog about helping people who return home from Libya
UNHCR's Asst High Commissioner for Protection Volker Turk says "we need solidarity from Europe" for countries like Niger which agree to host 3rd country nationals
[email protected] William Lacy Swing says official efforts include more help for thousands of returnees from Libya to "get life started again" and to screen those detainees whose lives are at risk in home countries and need protection
AU representative Amira El Fadil was just in Libya visiting detention centers (as much as possible). She says her delegation asked the Libyan gov't for more access to these facilities and more cooperation, including in prosecuting criminals involved in smuggling, torture, etc
"We are accelerating our processescombatting migration," says Amira El Fadil, Commissioner for Social Affairs of the AU Commission, after Libya task force meeting
Libya does not have representatives on the new EU/UN/AU/IOM task force but @FedericaMog says leaders will soon travel to Tripoli to brief Libyan leader Al-Sarraj. "We are in this together" with African partners, she says
EU's @FedericaMog says Libya task force commits to helping 15,000 more migrants stuck in Libya to return home, acknowledging some of those deserve international protection instead. EU giving @UNmigration 100 million more euros and even that "is not enough," she acknowledges
EU foreign policy chief @FedericaMog on new Libya task force comprising EU, AU, UN and IOM. "Today we express our determination to accelerate our work," incl helping thousands more potential migrants to return home instead of attempting travel to Europe. "This is a turning point."
A Libyan military source has uncovered that the Libyan criminal search apparatus foiled the largest quantity of explosives, firearms from Kalashnikov, Grenov machine guns, sniper rifles and a 30-ton TNT explosive bag on its way to Egypt.
9 month ago
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: Moscow is ready to discuss easing the arms embargo on Libya
Amnesty International says European governments are complicit in grave human rights violations in Libya through their support for authorities there who often work with people smugglers and torture refugees and migrants
Al-Nadouri's approach to US lobbying firms is the second by Dignity Operation commanders to improve their image to US decision makers after the human rights violations and summary executions carried out by their forces in eastern Libya
Agilah Saleh is back in Tobruk - HoR calls for an important session on Tuesday to start working on LPA amendment in accordance with Salame's latest plan for a Unity Gov. Libya
High Elections Commission announces start of elections in Libya
Libya's Higher National Elections Commission will announce the start of voter registration in a press conference at its HQ in Tripoli tomorrow. Libya
Justices say Trump travel ban can take full effect even as legal challenges against it make their way through the courts. The ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen
Tunisia worried about "Subversive elements" in Libya, per sr nat sec adviser Akrout "Libya has become save haven to militants, criminals…"
Mattis on ISIS-Libya:"You saw us push them on their back-foot in JAN, We've done it again a couple of months ago-We're doing it as we speak"
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