19 Haziran 2021
7 ay önce
Moscow commends the ceasefire agreement in Libya and calls on all parties to abide by it
7 ay önce
Reuters: Libyan oil field production resumed
Guterres: I thank all the countries that have supported the ceasefire in Libya
7 ay önce
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We look forward to continuing efforts related to the political track to ensure the stability of Libya and its territorial integrity, with the need for the exit of foreign forces
France: The Geneva Accord affirms the priority of Libyan sovereignty in the face of foreign interference
French Embassy: The success of the talks confirms the priority of Libyan sovereignty in the face of foreign interference
7 ay önce
Erdogan downplays the importance of the ceasefire agreement in Libya, describing it as weak
European Union: The ceasefire agreement is a good starting point, and the coming weeks are crucial
Stephanie Williams: There will be monitoring of the exit of foreign militants from Libya
7 ay önce
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan: Libya'daki ateşkes üst düzey bir ateşkes değil, kalıcılığını zaman gösterir
7 ay önce
Erdoğan: 3 ay içinde wagner gibi kalıcı askerlerin çekilmesi ne denli doğru ve sağlıklıdır bilemiyoruz.Bizim de duyduğumuz anlaşmanın adımlarının atıldığı
The UN envoy to Libya: The two Libyan parties requested the United Nations to monitor the ceasefire
UN Envoy: The Libyan parties have agreed to withdraw militarily from Sirte, Jufrah, and from all fronts
7 ay önce
LNA: The working committees that will be formed will work to discuss the various details of the agreement
7 ay önce
LNA: The militias differ in their affiliations to tribal, regional and criminal parties
The UN Envoy to Libya: The members of the Libyan Joint Military Committee are an example to follow
The UN Envoy to Libya: The ceasefire agreement does not include operations against extremist groups
The UN Envoy to Libya: An agreement to start the process of integrating armed groups into Libyan institutions
The UN Envoy to Libya: Suspending all military training agreements inside Libya
Head of the United Nations Mission in Libya: The agreement will enter into force immediately until a new reconciliation government is established
The United Nations envoy: The agreement includes the departure of all foreign mercenaries from Libya within 3 months
7 ay önce
Director of the Moral Guidance Department in the Libyan National Army, Major General Khaled Al-Mahjoub: The shooting in Libya has been stopped for some time and has not been penetrated.
Head of the GNA government delegation: The agreement will be a cause for security and stability on all Libyan soil
Head of the United Nations Mission in Libya: We have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks to implement the commitments contained in the agreement
The UN Envoy to Libya: The ceasefire agreement will bring stability to Libya
The United Nations Envoy to Libya: What has been achieved represents a milestone for Libya and the Libyan people
Libya askeri komisyonları Cenevre'de kalıcı ateşkes konusunda anlaştı
The UN Envoy to Libya: I hope that the ceasefire agreement will be an opportunity for the return of the displaced from abroad
Stephanie Williams: I commend the professionalism and mutual respect on the part of the parties to the negotiations
Stephanie Williams: I commend the commitment of the military committee parties to reach an agreement to secure a better future for Libya
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