Map. History of Libya conflict

19 September 2018
Renewed clashes south of the Libyan capital Tripoli
Renewed clashes between the al-Samoud Brigade and the Abu Salim Tank Support Battalion in southern Tripoli near the airport road
Libya official: Ceasefire should not have been brokered by UN mission, and UN-backed gov "only supported militias to control Tripoli with some close individuals receiving favours from the government"
New clashes flared between rival militias south of Libya's capital Tripoli, causing widespread power outages
Tripoli: Clashes b/w armed groups renewed early this morning. Number of families are escaping conflict areas. Tanks are seen on streets again. No electricity in most areas. Hafter and LNA flyers can be seen plastered on poles and billboards. Libya
Smoke billows the sky over Tripoli's Airport Road due to clashes
Tripoli truce broken as clashes renewed in the southern areas of the capital
Libya- hostilities in Tripoli continue this morning, so far limited mostly to the southern suburbs, with main focal points of fighting being near the Oil Tank Bridge and Hamza Military Base
Libya- in an effort to restore and maintain peace in Tripoli, GNA announces formation of "Joint Force for Conflict Resolution and Security in Tripoli", under the command of the Western Military Region
Libya - A terrorist attack was reportedly carried out on the Security Directorate of Zliten by three attackers: one was killed, another captures and the third managed to escape
Libya militia leaders sanctioned by @USTreasury for attacks on oil facilities.
Libya- photos purportedly showing smoke rising from Mitiga Airport in Tripoli as a result of shelling yet again, despite ongoing ceasefire in effect. Flights have been diverted to Misrata for now, as only operational airport in Tripoli remains consistently at high risk.
General Khalifa Haftar received Monday an Italian delegation led by Foreign Minister Moavero Milanesi at the Libyan Armed Forces headquarters in Alrajma to discuss domestic and international developments.
Libya- as expected, ISIS officially claim September 10 attack on NOC HQ in Tripoli (inghimasi attack targeting one of the economic interests of the Libyan tyrants)1 week ago
Libya- as expected, ISIS officially claim September 10 attack on NOC HQ in Tripoli ("inghimasi attack targeting one of the economic interests of the Libyan tyrants")
Libya- Special Deterrence Force [SDF/Radaa Force] published pictures of allegedly ISIS-linked dark-skinned gunmen who attacked yesterday the headquarter of the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack yet.
Libya: Italy an MoFA Enzo Moavero with LNA's Chief Khalifa Haftar.
Spokesman for Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus in Tripoli Osama Ali to Alnabaa: Three confirmed killed; one NOC employee and two others' body parts under forensic analysis
Two staff of Libyan oil firm among four people killed in NOC attack
Libya: Tense calm reigning over Tripoli amidst UNSMIL-brokered ceasefire interrupted by presumed complex ISIS attack against the NOC headquarters, Libya's key economic institution
NOC chairman Mustafa Sanallah is rescued and is out safely from main Oil institution building unharmed. Other employees remain inside waiting to be rescued. Casualty number high
A suicide bomber blows himself up inside an oil company in the Libyan capital
Employee at National Oil Corporation in Tripoli to Alnabaa: Some employees are injured as an explosion hit the premises of NOC while ambulances arrive at the scene
Interior Minister Abdulpeace Ashour confirms the presence of gunmen inside the Libyan oil corporation and is being dealt with them
Commander of Tripoli military area affirms that his forces have surrounded the gunmen inside the NOC building.
Medics arrived at NOC head office after it was attacked and fire broke in the building. Tripoli Libya
Tripoli: A number of people were wounded in the armed attack on the headquarters of the Oil Corporation on Monday and smoke rose from inside the headquarters of the Foundation.
UNSMIL Statement on Ceasefire-Related Security Dialogue for Tripoli
Following recent clashes in Tripoli, Kikli's Abu Salim Central Security force raised berms in the streets as added defensive measure in future conflict. Current ceasefire is holding; hwvr, both sides are preparing for round two
Libya- LNA forms "Southern Operations Group" to combat trafficking, militias and foreign groups ("mercenaries") in southern Libya, with Wanis Bukhamada appointed as head of the group
Ongoing USAF Operation over Lybia USAF RQ4 Global Hawk AE27A7 off the coast of Misrata USAF KC135R QUID564 orbiting nearr Tripoli
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