Map. History of Libya conflict

18 八一 2018

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Isis claims to have killed and wounded around 19 Haftar soldiers with a SBVIED attack in Ajdabiya, near Benghazi. Some vehicles were also damaged.
Libya: VBIED (possibly SVBIED) explosion not long ago at the eastern gate of Ajdabiya, 4 dead and 6 injured reported
'High-ranking' al Qaeda militant killed in weekend strike in Libya: Pentagon
A reconciliation deal was struck between Misrata and Zintan ending 4 years of tension and fighting between the 2 Libya western cities
Libya - The LNA's 519th Infantry Brigade conducted patrols on the desert road linking Ajdabya to the south of the 200th gate.
Libya - On Sunday and Monday, a company of the LNA's 116th Infantry Brigade carried out reconnaissance patrols in coordination with the LNA Air Force in an area between Tamanhint, Sebha and Al-Abyad.
Libya- photos from Misrata airbase showing an Mi-17, AN-32P and MiG-23 UB (number 8212) undergoing maintenance/renovation
US says airstrike in Libya kills 2 militants
Spokesman of Libya's UN-backed gov denies any offer was made to share power w Khalifa Haftar (whose forces control parts of the country), hours after the Eastern Libyan rogue military commander openly said he rejected the deal.
Libya- "precision airstrike by unknown aircraft" (presumably foreign) targeted house in northeastern Ubari, killing at least 2 militants who were later decapitated (possibly to avoid identification)
Sarkozy says Libya funding accusations make his life 'hell' - paper
French ex-president Sarkozy put under investigation for illicit campaign financing, misappropriation of Libyan public funds - judicial source
French judiciary formally puts former President Sarkozy under investigation on charges of corruption
Video showing a low pass above Brak Al-Sathi airport, LNA AF carried out missions. Troops and equipments belonging to the 25th Infantry from Ghat announced joining 'law enforcement operations' in southern Libya.
Libya- video showing the clashes between MSCD and LNA east of Derna, with MSCD militants aboard 2 AFVs and with blue armbands for IFF firing in celebration at the end
Former French president Sarkozy questioned in custody over allegations of campaign financing by Libya's Gaddafi
Case of Libyan financing: the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy has been in GAV since this morning on the premises of the Office anticorruption. (Mediapart)
Libya- LNA announces that an LAF Mi-35 conducted an airstrike targeting at least 10 vehicles of "Chad|ian opposition" south of Haruj mountains
Libya- LNA arrests 16 people carrying Syria|n and Sudan|ese passports who are described as "militants" in Kufra Region, unspecified number of others escaped and are being hunted.
Libya- LNA al-Saiqa (SF) EOD trainees dismantled IED (said to be 35 kg) from the area of the cement factory in southern Benghazi
Abdulrahman Swehli, head of GNA State Council, airlifted by CH-47 Chinook out of Western Mountains back to Tripoli after failed attack on his motorcade
Sources of the Al Jazeera: the abduction of the Libyan military prosecutor in front of his home in the capital Tripoli
A second French Air Force C-135FR (735) off Libya coast. Probably there aren't the only French Air Force aircraft in this area5 月 前
A second French Air Force C-135FR (735) off Libya coast. Probably there aren't the only French Air Force aircraft in this area
LNA forces deployed to Kufra to help secure the region, re-open roads and stabilize the region.
CBL Governor accuses Libyan Foreign Bank of losing Libya investment portfolio $400 million
Sabha: Two people injured due to resumed clashes in Sabha, total number of injures since February reaches 34 - Sabha Medical Center
Libya- @LNASpox announces killing of 3 ISIS "leaders" that fled from Derna in the Greater Sirte Operations Room's area of operations; reiterates tracking ISIS movements south of Sirte and Bani Walid
US Special Operations Command Dornier C-146A (11-3016) in flight from Benghazi to NAS Sigonella5 月 前
US Special Operations Command Dornier C-146A (11-3016) in flight from Benghazi to NAS Sigonella
Egypt- @EgyArmySpox release gun cam footage of airstrikes against 5 vehicles that attempted to infiltrate Egypt from Libya
Libya- as expected, ISIS claim the SVBIED attack targeting LNA checkpoint at Gate 60 southeast of Ajdabiya
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