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22 九 2018

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Several Libyans wounded in the dual-VBIED bombing in Benghazi airlifted for treatment in Egypt
Military Spokesman: Under the directives of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi President of the Republic Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces .. Egypt receives a number of casualties of the terrorist attack in Benghazi for treatment in hospitals of the armed forces
US defense officials tell CNN the US military carried out a drone strike Tuesday targeting about a dozen ISIS fighters near Fuqaha. The strike is the first US military strike in Libya since November 2017
Boris Johnson:UK condemns the horrific bombings in Benghazi. More vital than ever to break the political deadlock and bring stability to Libya
Tonight, Benghazi witnessed the deadliest bombing in years. At least 41 killed and scores more injured in double car bombing in the Salmani district of Benghazi. Double bombing clearly intended to cause mass casualty. Libya
27 people killed and 32 wounded in bomb attack in Benghazi
Libya- on its first day of "Operation Desert Fury" the LNA claims to have conducted airstrikes near Rabiana in Kufra targeting 15 vehicles of "Chad|ian and Sudan|ese (JEM) rebel groups"
Libya capital's Mitiga airport to resume full operations tomorrow (Jan 20) after militia clashes left runway and planes damaged earlier this week
International Envoy to Libya: Elections can not be held before agreement on a clear path between all parties
US dollar price drops below 8 Libyan dinars at the black market for the first time in months to sold at 7.8 in morning trading
Fierce fighting forced the closure of Libya capital's only civilian Mitiga airport in east Tripoli after a militia in charge of security there said it had been attacked. Heavy gunfire could be heard as far away as Tajura 30km east of the capital
Death toll of Mitiga Airport clashes rises to 20 with 63 other people wounded, the Ministry of Health reports
Two Buraq Air planes have also been damaged due to clashes at Mitiga Airport today. This is really terrible news for air travelers in Libya. The situation was already bad, not it is much worse with Buraq and Afriqyiah both affected. Libya
Roads quite empty as GNA declares state of emergency in Tripoli. Military regrouping in Tajoura. Heavy clashes can still be heard
Libya's GNA issues a statement on Mitiga Airport clashes: GNA condemns the attack. Says the attack is an attempt to free militants from AQ/ISIS held by Rada at the Mitiga prison facility
Photos circulated on Facebook purporting to show an Airbus belonging to Afriqiyah Airways hit by bullets during today's fighting near Maitiqa: Libya
Death toll rose to at least 6 people as clashes continue near Mitiga Airport in Tripoli. Reports of Airplanes damaged
Heavy clashes b/w militias near Mitiga Airport in Tripoli. Loud shootings and explosions heard. Flights suspended. Casualties reported
Libya- according to recent reports, at least 3 were killed and 16 wounded in the clashes around Mitiga Airport, Tripoli. Fighting, which started with a mortar shelling of the airport causing a diversion of all flights, is still ongoing sporadically
Militants attack international airport in Tripoli – reports
All flights to and from Maitiga airport in Tripoli 'suspended until further notice' as heavy fighting breaks out b/w two militias there
LNA observed heightened ISIS movement in recent days in the area between Jufrah and Sirte, particularly around Jufrah Airbase, including at least one temporary checkpoint manned by approx. 20 fighters
Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari: We are fighting a fierce battle against terrorism
Reports of unknown gunmen abducting Ms. Rania Kharma, an @UNmigration Project Operations Officer in Sabha 1 day after a Ukrainian doctor was kidnapped in a wave of health workers abductions in Libya
Turkish Embassy in Libya issued a statement denying the ship that Greece intercepted was carrying any explosive materials to Misrata from Turkey, stressed its compliance w the arms embargo and that the shipment is legit, headed to buyer companies in Ethiopia
In south Libya, an Ukrainian doctor would have been kidnapped while he was on his way to Al Manar clinic in Sabha.
Tripoli home of GNA Minister of Defense al-Mahdi al-Barghathi reportedly attacked with machine gun fire and RPGs, causing only materiel damage
Libya- ISIS militant originally from Sudan reportedly arrested in Qasr Abu Hadi, south of Sirte, following tip-off from locals
OPCW DG praises the complete destruction of Libya's chemical weapon stockpile
As Germany commemorates the conclusion of the total destruction of Libya's category 2 chemical weapons, here's a look at this unique international operation coordinated by the OPCW
As Germany commemorates the conclusion of the total destruction of Libya's category 2 chemical weapons, here's a look at this unique international operation coordinated by the OPCW
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