28 September 2021
Interior Minister Fathy Bashagha: Our hopes are better with Joe Biden's victory in the American elections
The UN mission in Libya calls on the parties to expedite the completion of the ongoing negotiations to reopen the coastal road in Sirte
LNA/Haftar related Sonnig Jet Dassault Falcon 50EX P4-BAA from NE Libya descending to Amman, 06Jan2021 around 1000 hrs UTC.
8 month ago
LNA Spokesman: the Turkish provocative words threatens the paths of the political solution
8 month ago
LNA Spokesman: The removal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya needs a real will from the international community
LNA spokesman: The United Nations force in Sirte to monitor the ceasefire is made up of civilians and retired soldiers, not a military force
LNA spokesman: The United Nations will deploy international observers to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire
Gunmen affiliated with so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard in east Libya close Hariqa oil terminal in Tobruk city demanding payment of their salaries
Libyan Army: Subversive elements received money from the Presidential Council to destabilize security in the south
LNA: Subversive elements are recruiting foreign mercenaries in Sabha
Libya Sabha: a state of tension in the city of Sebha, after the forces of the Sabha military region of the Government of National Accord stormed the headquarters of the Mahdia Security Chamber. And random shooting in the Mansheya neighborhood. The competition between the leaders of Awlad Suleiman, between loyalists to the eastern Libyan forces and others opposing them, makes the security situation very critical
Three Russians, Ukrainian freed in Libya: NGO head
European Union: We do not accept the presence of mercenaries in Libya
European Union: We reject the presence of foreign forces in Libya
European Union: Monitoring the ceasefire in Libya is crucial
European Union: a political solution in Libya will not be achieved without a ceasefire
European Union: We are interested in reaching a political solution in Libya
NOC aiming for 1.2 million barrels per day in 2021
Yesterday LNA force's attacked GNA Sokrah camp in Sebha where gna commander Ahmed Alitaibi was making a speech, it forced GNA to retreat from the camp, today as soon as the day started GNA force's attacked LNA force's and retrieved the camp
GNA Took over central bank in Sabha and Tariq square where LNA force's were positioned , both force's are calling for reinforcement and clashing with heavy artillery (tanks) , GNA force's also took one technical vehicle from LNA
Clashes between GNA Forces and Hafter's Forces in Sabha
Armed clashes between LNA and the GNA forces in Sabha
8 month ago
The Al-Sumoud Brigade militia affiliated with GNA links the opening of the coastal road to the army's withdrawal from Sirte
8 month ago
The Libyan Al Samoud Brigade militia refuses to implement the decision of the Joint Military Committee to open the coastal road
Sounds like the Sebha "clash" today was another non-event. LNA 116th Battalion reportedly tried to close off a road to prevent a gathering of pro-GNA 6th Brigade at their HQ, leading to some shooting in the air and tension for "less than a minute"
Libya- photo of a GNA fighter (Nabil Hammadi al-Koni from 80 inf. bn.) killed in clashes with militia in Edraiby, SW Tripoli, seen here with DPRK North Korean PG-7 shells (F-7 HE-FRAG), a Romanian PSL and what I believe is a PKT with an added trigger & pistol grip
Residents of Hun, just near Jufra Airbase, protesting against the presence of Russian and Sudan ese mercenaries in town, on backdrop of crimes & murders of locals that are attributed to Sudanese fighters (triggered by a murder 6 days ago)9 month ago
Residents of Hun, just near Jufra Airbase, protesting against the presence of Russian and Sudan ese mercenaries in town, on backdrop of crimes & murders of locals that are attributed to Sudanese fighters (triggered by a murder 6 days ago)
9 month ago
Popular demonstrations take place in Hoon, demanding the departure of Haftar's Wagner and Janjaweed mercenaries from the city
Anti mercenary protests in Al Jufra. Coming after recent incidents of Sudanese mercenaries killing and robbing of local civilians
Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General Stephanie Williams: During the dialogue session: We cannot continue an open process indefinitely. We have a clear goal, which is elections, and there is an urgent need to unify institutions
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