30 November 2023
The armed factions agreed to withdraw all forces from Janzour, west of Tripoli
US Embassy in Libya: The ambassador meets with "Al-Mashri" in Cairo to discuss the peace process and elections
U.S. Embassy Libya: United States Concerned with Oil Shutdown — Remains Focused on Libyan Mechanism to Resolve Disputes Rather than Holding Services Hostage
1 year ago
Turkish Air Force A400 221airborne from Misurata #Libya
Heavy clashes between armed groups in Libya's Al-Zawiya. According to @LibyaReview sources one was killed & others injured1 year ago
Heavy clashes between armed groups in Libya's Al-Zawiya. According to @LibyaReview sources one was killed & others injured
The Libyan government: The decision to close the oil is unfortunate because it is the people's livelihood
1 year ago
Fighters from Syria and Libya were killed during clashes in Luhansk region - Secretary of NSDC of Ukraine Danylov
1 year ago
LNA blames ISIS for car bomb attack at military camp in Libya's Um Al-Aranib town
Zliten clashes between armed militias using RPGs reports about casualties and damage of "police" vehicles
UNSMIL condemns the car bomb attack that targeted an army military facility in Umm al-Aranib town, for which it was reported that ISIS claimed responsibility @UNSMILibya
There was also a shooting incident in Sebha 2 nights ago. Last night was high security in some areas with multiple vehicles and personel at checkpoints at intersections
The head of Libya's Government of National Unity Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah and several other top officials, arrives in Algeria With a Heavy Agenda
1 year ago
Libya NOC declares force majeure on Mellitah oil port oott
1 year ago
Production at El Feel oilfield has been stopped by gunmen, NOC confirms
1 year ago
Amid tensions tribal and social factions say they shut down exports from the Zueitina oil port, accusing GNU PM of damaging the country's political process
Libyan Presidential Council: Any defect in the work of the 5+5 Committee will undermine the ceasefire and stability
Oil blockade has been called for - but not yet implemented - by officers of LNA. They are unhappy with Govt of National Unity which holds Tripoli. Rival Govt of National Stability has forces outside capital, unable to take power. Oil now 1.2mbd
A UN fact finding mission has been investigating reports of mass migrant graves in Libya, as part of a general mission to establish the circumstances of the human rights situation in Libya and to document alleged violations.
A terrorist attack on a private clinic in Murzuq/Libya yesterday. The attacker was killed1 year ago
A terrorist attack on a private clinic in Murzuq/Libya yesterday. The attacker was killed
Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 RA-82038 en route to Libya
The Libyan leaders will discuss in Cairo the state of the political impasse in the country
Military weapons and ammunition seized during Ajdabiya raid
Libyan Human Rights Committee Condemns Kidnapping of Taekwondo Federation President
1 year ago
Libya's National Oil Corporation: We can increase production to overcome the world's energy crisis
Libyan media: The airspace between Maitika airport and the airports of the eastern region will be opened tomorrow
1 year ago
444 Brigade arrests four individuals accused of Tarhuna war crimes
Cleaning workers in Tripoli have found belts of machine-gun bullets dumped in a waste bin. One worker was slightly wounded when a bullet exploded accidentally during garbage collection
Police forces in Janzour, Tripoli, have arrested a Chadian national for robbing foreigners in the area at gunpoint
1 year ago
Three Turkish journalists were released on Tuesday, hours after being jailed over their coverage of the deaths of Turkish intelligence officers in Libya in 2020. @Ali_Mustafa @abierkhatib @LibyaLiberty
The Libyan State Council talks about legal irregularities in the procedures of the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from Dabaiba