Map. History of Libya conflict

23 May 2018

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2 hour ago
Fierce clashes erupt in Fatayeh, eastern Derna, as Dignity Operation armed groups attempt to advance toward the city
6 hour ago
US claims of Libyan scenario for North Korea pose threat to entire region – Moscow
Marshal Hiftar on Derna : After trying all peaceful solutions which were refused by militants we ordered our forces to free Derna.
Libya- an ISIS SVBIED targeted LNA 152 Bn. at Gate 60 SE of Ajdabiya. This is the 3rd ISIS attack targeting Gate 60 in the last 3 months.
Libya: President Council member Mohammed Amari calls on the international community to take a "clear position" towards Derna
Russia has delayed a western proposal for a UN Security Council committee to blacklist six accused leaders of human trafficking and migrant smuggling networks in Libya, asking for more information on the value and efficiency of the move.
Gaddafi cell planning to carry out terrorist acts in Tripoli arrested
Libya Derna: 3 days ago, DPF captured an LNA tank in Derna.
After 7 years, finally Libya Navy obtained a Frigate which arrived Benghazi yesterday but seems weaponless.
Libya- MSCD/DPF photos of an LNA T-55 that they claim was captured in al-Fattaih, south of Derna
Libya- routine BAM patrol south of Sirte encountered and collected 14 FAB 250 general purpose bombs
The Supreme Council of the State of Libya calls for a cease-fire in Derna in accordance with the Skhirat agreement
John Bolton's desire to turn North Korea into the next Libya isn't going over so well in Pyongyang
Libya Derna: Footage released yesterday by DPF militants. Militants are celebrating near a destroyed LNA vehicle.
Libya- photos from LNA video showing vehicles (including a relatively uncommon T-72) massing outside of Derna
Libya Derna: LNA claims to have destroyed a T-55 and captured 6 BTR-60 yesterday from DPF's militants.
Libya: DPF-affiliated media reported two IED detonations in the area of al-Hila which allegedly resulted in dead and wounded in LNA ranks
Libya- MSCD/DPF release video showing what is likely a UAE Wing Loong UAV (mistakenly referred to as MQ-1 Predator as common) over al-Hila, south of Derna this morning
1 week ago
Libya- MSCD (now Derna Protection Force) report that a "foreign UAV" conducted 3 airstrikes yesterday in al-Hila, south of Derna.
Algeria: the Military are preparing for a "nonconventional" terrorist attack coming from the borders. Military exercises took place at the borders with Libya.
Libya- L-39 out of Misrata conducting reconnaissance sortie
Libya- Derna Local Council issues statement welcoming the creation of the "Derna Protection Force", thanks MSCD for their efforts and sacrifices for the city
LNA 6th Infantry have recaptured the base and Sebha castle after Tebu forces took the base earlier this morning. Clashes continue
6th Infantry and Awlad Sliman forces have recaptured the base and Sebha castle after Tebu forces took the base earlier this morning. Clashes continue between the two tribes.
Libya: fighting has seriously escalated in the southern city of Sebha in Fezzan after ethnic Tebu forces seized the city's historic castle from Arab fighters
Libya- In a major development, Chairman of MSCD Attia Saeed al-Shaeri calls for unification of groups in Derna, formation of "Derna Protection Force" ahead of impending LNA offensive against the city.
Libya- GNA's PM Fayez al-Sarraj reportedly orders review of decision to reorganize Rada force (SDF/Kara)
1 week ago
British government apologises to Libyan dissident Belhaj over rendition and torture
Libya- MiG-23 at Misrata Airbase, allegedly prior to takeoff for reconnaissance sortie
Libyan authorities in talks with EU to lift ban on commercial flights
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