Map. History of Libya conflict

29 June 2017
Libya- safe release of all UN personnel via local mediation confirmed by @UNSMILibya
Zawiya militiamen pledge allegiance to the LNA's Marshal Haftar, decrying the Islamist militias
Zawiya militiamen pledge allegiance to the LNA's Marshal Haftar, decrying the Islamist militias
Egyptian Foreign Minister discusses with the new UN envoy to Libya reconciliation efforts.
Egyptian Air Force conducted airstrikes targeting 12 vehicles loaded with weapons and explosives attempting to cross border from Libya
Military spokesman: Air Force thwarted an attempt to penetrate the western border .. Monitoring and destruction of 12 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition across the border
Egyptian air forces destroyed 12 vehicles loaded with weapons when attempting to cross the western borders from Libya.
Today, Egypt will chair a meeting at the UN Security Council on countering terrorism in Libya.
A young Libyan man reportedly set himself alight in Martyrs Square in Tripoli on second day of Eid. Reports he is in ICU. Libya
Irish naval ship rescues 712 people near Libya
Today, Hiftar received the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Deputy Chief of Staff with a military delegation in east Libya.
Clashes in Jmail city west of Tripoli south of Subrata between Militias
Libya Serraj welcomes invitation from Zintan to Saleh, Hafter and himself to meet there to try reconciliation
LNA 210th battalion in Ajdabiya arrested human smugglers and 45 migrant coming from Syria and Yemen.
LNA forces take control of Sooq al-Hoot in Benghazi. Only few pockets left in the last hideouts for BRSC/IS. Libya
Few weeks ago LNA forces took control of al-Jufrah airbase. Today, the base is operationally ready for military operations. Libya
Brig. Abdulsalam al-Hassi: Army has tightened its grip on the Souq al-Hout area in Benghazi
LNA military operations aginst militants in Soq Elhwat area Benghazi
Libya- SDB announce willingness to dissolve itself and be absorbed into a "legitimate Libyan Army" in yet another political-PR maneuver
Team of NATO experts met with reps to discuss how we can help build effective defence and security institutions in Libya - @jensstoltenberg
It is essential that all parties abide by the Libyan Political Agreement in finding a political solution to the crisis - SG @jensstoltenberg
NATO supports the Government of National Accord as the sole representative of the Libyan people – Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
Protesters in Benghazi say no to sending Saiqa Brigade to Jufra Libya
In Libya, parliamentarians of Zintan invite Hiftar, Aguila Saleh and Fayez al-Sarraj in their city for visiting and to have a discussion.
Libya-GNA's Presidential Guard statement on securing Tripoli International Airport on behalf of the country, not a city, tribe or faction
Former MoD Jwaili made a General by Serraj and appointed commander of the western military zone. Political more than military sense. Libya
A militants driving a car, carrying bombs and mortars, blew himself up at a checkpoint near As Sidr against LNA troops.
In west Libya, an important statement published by the major of Sabratha, Hussein Dhawadi, regarding the insecurity in the city.
At least 126 migrants are feared dead after their boat sank off the coast of Libya, IOM says
Libya - Reports of LNG (Libyan National Guard) loyal to Salvation Govt. now positioned on the outskirts of Tripoli
Libyan coastguard rescue more than 900 migrants