Map. History of Libya conflict

21 August 2017
Yesterday, two cargo planes carrying cash - one from eastern Libya and the other one coming from western Libya - landed in Brak al Sathi AB.
240 Egyptian cargo trucks crossing Salloum port en route to Libya
Pro-IS militant account released a batch of pictures showing Maiteeg in Sirte with quote: "today, under the lens of our sniper".
Chad: Military convoy attacked near Libya border, 3 vehicles destroyed, 1 missing and dead
Italian Red Cross asks UN to stop Libya from blocking NGOs that rescue migrants drowning in Mediterranean.
LNA Spox responds to ICC warrant on Mahmoud Werfali, says he's been arrested and an investigation is under way.
After several NGOs stop Mediterranean migrant rescues amid Libya risks, @openarms_fund say they will keep going.
Militias used tanks, 106mm and RPG in the town. some reports, families were displaced due to clashes and a house has been damaged.
SRSG @GhassanSalame and UN delegation arrive in Zintan and received by Mayor Mustafa al-Barouni
Casualties increase with 12 killed and 23 injured, including 2 civilians, following the few days of clashes in Al Ajaylat, worse since 7years.
Anti-migrant organisation @DefendEuropeID says it has worked with Libyan coastguard today against Spanish @openarms_fund ship Golf Azzurro.
.@openarms_fund who report having been kidnapped and heavily threatened by the Libyan Coast Guards for two hours.
Tripoli: protests cause of 10 hours electricity cut
Libya Former Prime Minister Ali Zidan was arrested by 'Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade' in a hotel in Dahra district
First flight of the 11 overhauled aircraft ar Benina AB. MiG-23UB with serial 433
Libyan National Army chief Khalifa Hifter is in Moscow on Aug. 12 to discuss the peace process, @interfax_news
Sources confirm Khalifa Haftar will be in Moscow on Saturday
Reports of the meeting of the commander-in-chief of the army and President of the Presidential Council tomorrow in Moscow
Tough days in Libyan capital Tripoli where there's No power +10hrs , No water, long queues in front of gas stations and banks
Military Spokesman: Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy meets with Waldhauser, Commander of the African-American Command, and Peter Boddy, US Ambassador to Libya.
LNA's official spokesperson @LNASpox promoted to the rank of Brig. General
New UN envoy to Libya @GhassanSalame arrives in Benghazi today for his 1st visit to the city, he'll meet with the city's mayor
Libya- graduation ceremony of first batch of recruits of the GNA's Presidential Guard held in Tripoli
2403 Tu-22 in Jufra AB, Libya
In south east Libya, a cargo plane carrying medical supplies - equipments for mental illness - took off from Tripoli and landed in Kufrah
LNA Spox: Our copter squadron "Volcano" destroyed a boat off the coast Darneh carrying militants, ammunition and weapons on its way to Darnah
Libya, 15 mines (AP) have been found by the security forces at 500m of the gas line near Ajdabiya.
Security forces in Marsa Matrouh prevent the infiltration of 23 people, including four Africans while trying to infiltrate into Libya through the desert routes in Salloum
Libya - production at Sharara oil field being restored Monday, after protesters broke into control room and disrupted output
Egyptian border guards thwarted the smuggling of weapons and the amount of one billion and 130 million dollars to support the terrorist groups in Libya arms Turkish and Qatari funds