21 Eylül 2021
Unidentified cargo plane landed at the Misurata airbase coming from the Italian capital, Rome
1 yıl önce
Kufra Municipality Says Oil Fields Will Remain Closed Until Tribal Demands Are Met The Mayor of Kufra, Moftah Abu Khalil, said that it was not possible to reopen the oil fields without fulfilling the demands of the Libyan tribes.
Violent clashes in Salah Al-Din area in Tripoli
1 yıl önce
LNA Spokesman Al-Mesmari: Several Libyan cities were subjected to intense bombing by Turkish drones, which resulted in civilian casualties
1 yıl önce
LNA Spokesman Al-Mesmari: Tarhuna city is under siege by the GNA, which has exacerbated the health situation in the city
1 yıl önce
UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: The main driver that motivates the moves of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt is concern over the region from external interference, and a spirit of responsibility towards Arab strategic issues, especially security and stability.
1 yıl önce
The United Nations: We will continue to document violations in Libya by sharing them, as appropriate, with experts and the International Criminal Court
1 yıl önce
LNA spokesman: GNA Militias target embassies in Tripoli and accuse the LNA of bombing them to stir public opinion
1 yıl önce
LNA spokesperson Ahmed Al-Mismari: The General Command denies any targeting of the diplomatic headquarters and the headquarters of international bodies and missions in Tripoli
Muhammad Abd al-Salam al-Tuwati, Abd al-Mun`m al-Tuwati and Laila al-Tuwati and Ashraf al-Tuwati in Ain Zara were killed when rocket hit their house in Ain Zara
LNA shelling Mitiga airport
1 yıl önce
9 LNA fighters were killed in a bombing by the GNA Air Force on a security point on the main road to the southeast of the Al-Watiyah base
1 yıl önce
GNA Air Force renews airstrikes on Watiya airbase
Communications Officer @UNmigration on Tripoli port shelling: the migrants were disembarked last night and taken to a detention facility to which we do not have access. @UNmigration has raised the alarm over hundreds of disappearances from this facility over the past months
1 yıl önce
GNA UAV air strikes targeting the northern gate of the city of Rajban
Tunisia at 3 a.m. today allowed a Turkish cargo Airbus A310 carrying medical aid to land in Djerba airport but only under condition the aid be transported to Libya by Tunisian authorities.
LNA targeting Zawihat al Dahmani with GRAD rockets , sadly one civilian was killed as a result
Tripoli: The sounds of heavy artillery in the vicinity of Abu Salim
Spokesman for the Center for Field Medicine and Support Malik Morsit Al-Ahrar: Two people were killed and 4 wounded, in a preliminary death toll from the bombing of LNA on the corner of Dahmani on the Al-Shatt road
Explosions at Matiga airport
IOM Libya: tonight, IOM staff who were at Tripoli main port awaiting the disembarkation of roughly 25 migrants, had to evacuate the location as it came under shelling. The migrants remain on the coast guard vessel
Media Advisor to the GNA Ministry of Health, Al-Amin Al-Hashemi: A civilian was killed in a preliminary death toll from the bombing of Al Shat road by LNA forces
LNA bombs the Shatt road and the surrounding areas in the center of the capital, Tripoli, with dozens of rockets and reports of one civilian dead, other wounded
Civilian casualty reported
Jim Jeffrey, US special envoy for Syria: "We know that, certainly the Russians are working with Assad to transfer militia fighters, possibly third country, possibly Syrian, to Libya, as well as equipment."
1 yıl önce
GNA: 5 vehicles were destroyed, and 3 air strikes targeted 3 fuel trucks in the Shweref area, which were on their way to Tarhuna to supply LNA in Tripoli
LNA artillery targeted GNA operation room at Salahudin axis in Southern Tripoli
1 yıl önce
LNA fighters target GNA positions and ammunition depots in the Abu Grain area east of the city of Misrata
1 yıl önce
LNA: raids targeting locations of GNA forces, east of Misrata
1 yıl önce
IRINI: statement EU Naval Force Med on assets/command: - flagship Italian (likely amphibious assault ship "San Giorgio") - 2 frigates: Frigate "Jean Bart" French + one from Greece - 1 boarding team Malta - UAVs and AEW&CS (unspecified) - mil. staff from 22 countries
[email protected] OFAC/SDN sanctioned Syrian Cham Wings Airbus A320-212 operated at least two flights from Amman Queen Alia to Benghazi Benina Libya yesterday. Flights were operated with the same YK-BAG equipment: DAM-AMM-BEN-DAM-AMM-BEN-DAM
1 yıl önce
Violent clashes in Southern Tripoli
Continued unexplained flights from Damascus to Benghazi's Benina airport
1 yıl önce
Italian military sources deny the presence of casualties among the Italian military in Misrata
Geolocation of footage of GNA fighters in the outskirts of Al Watiyah airbase
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