20 July 2024
Protesters storm Libya's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli after Israel's Foreign Minister meeting with Libya's foreign minister
Following her meeting with the Israeli FM, Libya's Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush has been suspended by Libya's PM Dbeibah's. she'll be investigated, the decision says
Israeli foreign minister @elicoh1 met Libya foreign minister @NajlaElmangoush - first such public meeting between Israeli and Libya foreign ministers
Russian Military delegation, headed by deputy minister Evkurov, is visiting Libya on the invitation of Haftar
Statement: Al-Dabaiba and the dignitaries and elders of Tripoli agree to end the repercussions of the recent clashes and ensure that they are not repeated
European Union: We urge all Libyan parties to refrain from hostilities and engage in dialogue to de-escalate the situation
The Libyan Minister of Health calls on the two parties to the conflict in Tripoli for a truce to enable rescue teams to evacuate civilians and transport the wounded and dead
Speaker of the Libyan Parliament: Elections cannot be held in the presence of two governments, and a unified government must be formed
Member of the Libyan State Council: The House of Representatives debated the electoral laws approved by Committee 6+6 in violation of the constitutional amendment
11 month ago
Libyan media: A fire broke out at the Libyan International Hospital in Benghazi, and ambulances rushed to evacuate the injured
The Libyan parliament calls on the United Nations to confirm the commitment of the UN envoy to the powers of his position and not to exceed them
Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad al-Manfi: We call on the rest of the states parties to the United Nations to respond to ensure a quick agreement that prevents the food crisis from worsening
Libyan State Council: Security affiliated with the Dabaiba government prevents members of the Council from traveling through Mitiga Airport and confiscates their passports
President of the Libyan Presidential Council: The massive displacement from Sudan has affected security in its neighboring countries
The Libyan government informs the head of the National Oil Corporation of the possibility of appointing a judicial guard over its accounts
1 year ago
Russia, after a nine-year break, restored diplomatic relations with Libya. Aidar Aganin became the new ambassador to Libya, who presented his credentials to the head of the Presidential Council of the country, Mohammed al-Menfi
GNU backed Military operation in Al-Zawiyah to impose law and order in Al-Zawiyah against the Smugglers there
1 year ago
Organization of Islamic Cooperation: We are keen to remove all causes of tension in Yemen, Libya and Syria
The UN Mission to Libya: The UN envoy discussed during a visit to Sudan, Chad and Niger ways to establish peace in Libya and withdraw foreign fighters and mercenaries from it
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We informed Egypt that our presence in Libya does not pose a threat
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, arrives in Benghazi and heads to the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA), a source tells The Libya
1 year ago
2.5 tons of uranium missing from Libyan site, IAEA tells member states
Security forces have arrested 15 migrants from Chad for brutally torturing two Libyan nationals inside their residence south of Tajoura suburb of Tripoli. The Chadians posted a video on social media showing the horrific torture
The head of the Libyan government appointed by Parliament: We welcome the initiative of the UN envoy to break the political stalemate and organize elections
UN envoy to Libya: Holding elections is not only related to constitutional documents, but there are other issues, including improving security
UN Envoy to Libya: There is a need for a dialogue between the security agencies to prepare the ground for holding elections
The UN envoy to Libya: The international parties should help conduct a Libyan-Libyan dialogue
1 year ago
Fresh clashes in Zawiya kills two people injures another
Diplomatic source: Egypt considers Dabaiba's government illegitimate, with a government mandated by the Libyan Parliament
The arrival of the UN envoy, Abdullah Batili, to the city of Sirte, to sponsor the meetings of the Joint Military Committee (5/5), in the presence of the Libyan ceasefire observers and their international counterparts, Libya.